Listen to ZØYA’s “So Far Away”

ZØYA shares a new song, “So Far Away”. The singer/songwriter is an LA-based, independent recording artist whose emotionally-inclined compositions are strongly matched by her powerful vocals. On this new song, she talks about a relationship that turns out to be sour. She says:

“‘So Far Away’ is about a complicated, obsessive, unrequited love relationship that literally almost ate me alive. At one point in my life, I was desperate to find love and encountered someone who seemed ambiguous and ‘so far away’ in his feelings towards me, and that person turned out to be a wrong one at the end. It’s that pivotal moment when you realize that your feelings are un-reciprocated, but you’re still hoping for that balanced and healthy relationship…

ZØYA was born Zoya Naumchik in Minsk, Belarus on September 4, 1993 but she grew up in Columbus, Ohio after they’d relocated to the US when she was 11 years old. She’s got a long music background and it is this that has propelled her to her current status of being one of the most exciting and promising pop acts.


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