Lucianne shares first single “More” and, alongside it, a beautiful visual

British-Nigerian actress and singer Lucianne has entered the scene with one of the most brilliant of debuts. The Majeek-produced track is titled “More” and arrived alongside a beautiful visual.

Released on her newly minted indie label RIV Records, “More” serves as the first single off of her upcoming EP, Becoming. It is an R&B-infused Afro pop song about an online attraction that Lucianne desperately wants to take offline.

‘More’ is inspired by something I’ve been through and an experience I think many others have as well, with so much of our lives being online. I was really into someone that I always saw online, and I just knew that if I ever had the chance to have him in my life then it’d be all good, but I only really saw him online and was always yearning to take it offline. The song speaks about loving on someone from a distance for such a long time, that you now need more than that. It is one of my favourite songs and I hope it gives us all the courage to go for what we want”.


Enjoy this tune and follow Lucianne on Instagram.

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