Stream Adria Kain’s When Flowers Bloom album

Toronto artist Adria Kain did unveil her much awaited album, When Flowers Bloom, on February 11. It had been preceded by singles such as “Ocean (Reprise)” and “Classic” feat. Leila Dey.

“Only With Time”, which Kain got to perform for COLORS, is the focus track. It is a chilled down R&B/soul track consistent with the singer’s soothing style.

When Flowers Bloom tells the story of falling in love after overcoming the loss of oneself through previous experiences in love. It depicts the struggle of a young, masculine presenting woman, who after embarking on a journey of self discovery, attempts to heal her wounds that developed through romantic relationships and the false perceptions that were taught throughout her upbringing. Accountability & vulnerability are the key emotions in this story.”

Listen to the album and keep up with Adria Kain on Instagram.


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