New Releases Friday: songs out on March 25th

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This week’s roundup of new songs as added on Aipate’s New Release Friday playlist on Spotify is now out. Ten of those tunes have notes about them scribbled below.

Philine Sonny – “People”

Last October, German-based singer-songwriter Philine Sonny released her stunning first single, “Lose Yourself”. Well, that’s the same title she’s given to her self-produced debut EP, which is out now. Arriving with the project is the focus track “People”. This is a touching piece of indie pop; it’s a song that delves into the issue of homelessness. “People” was accompanied by an evocative visual.

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Ea Othilde – “I Couldn’t Be There”

“I Couldn’t be There” is the second single from 17-year-old Norwegian artist Ea Othilde. Out on the label Koke Plate, it’s a song whose release draws us closer to the unveiling of the young singer’s debut EP titled How I’d Like It To Fade (April 29). The track showcases her impressive vocals and songwriting ability. About it, Ea noted, “‘I couldn’t be there’ is a little indie rock tune about all the things you want to do, all the places you want to go, everything and everyone that’s out of reach. It’s the sound of time slipping through your fingers, the soundtrack of roads leading nowhere

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Big Orange – “Love’s Not Enough”

Perth, Australia-based band Big Orange have a new single out and it’s called “Love’s Not Enough”. Big Orange a 4-piece alt-rock group fronted by singer Daniel Davis. With “Love’s Not Enough”, they crafted an uptempo track with catchy melodies and lyrics that harbour a sense of urgency. The song is about the reality that sometimes even the forces of love aren’t strong enough to hold two people together.

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Groove Park x Aaron Myers – “Island In the Sea”

Oren Levine’s new jazz/soul project Groove Park share first single “Island in the Sea”. Featuring singer Aaron Myers on vocals, the track is simply delightful. It evokes romantic vibes, with the singer inviting his romantic partner to escape with him to a warm, tropical island. “Island in the Sea” was written by Oren Levine alongside Aaron Myers and bassist Percy White. Other musicians who worked on this include Sol Roots (guitar), Angel Bethea (percussion) and Ollie Wright (keyboard).

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Alissa Reah – “YOU”

Alissa Reah is an 18-year-old debutante from Sweden. Her first single is a sweet and bubbly electro pop tune called “YOU”. The song was written when Alissa was just 17. Speaking about the inspiration, she remarked, “It’s okay to feel like you’re growing, evolving and maybe not wanting the same things as before. ’YOU’ is about progress but also about freeing yourself from the influence society and other powerful figures have on you.

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Fable – “Shame”

UK artist Fable has just announced her debut album Shame (which is to drop on May 20) and, alongside the news, shared the title-track. A song about the resistance faced when one tries to do things differently, “Shame” is another showcase of Fable’s off-kilter pop sound. It was paired with an equally intriguing music video. “I think it’s really important that people take what they want from the video,” explains Fable. “Our generation needs to relate differently to our history than previous ones, as we try to reclaim our identity, separate from the one history has handed us. Working with my visual collaborator, Matt Hutchings, I wanted to broaden the scope a little more and ask some searching questions about the nature of shame and the state of society right now.”

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Maisy Taylor – “Be My Baby”

Maisy Taylor is an exciting new artist hailing from Byron Bay, Australia. A singer songwriter with a penchant for serving up delicious melodies, she fully explores this ability on her newest release, “Be My Baby”. This is a heartfelt indie-pop ballad with rock and folk influences. Maisy’s lyrics, guitar and vocals lead the listener on a melodic journey. Altogether, “Be My Baby” is a must-listen-to.

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Matilde G – “Digging for Diamonds”

Italian-born Singaporean-based artist Matilde G is back with a new single “Digging For Diamonds”. She wrote it together with Josefin Glenmark, Hanna Ferm and Erik Lewander (with Eric also producing the track). “Digging For Diamonds” is a gorgeous pop cut which highlights Matilde’s glossy vocals. The singer says, “This song is an evolution in my artistic productions, it sounds more mature and represents exactly the path I want to take in my music journey”.

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Pusa x Bikkja x Anlil – “Meant to Be”

Norwegian producer Pusa continues his ongoing collaboration with the enigmatic Bikkja, this time delivering “Meant To Be”. The song features vocals of Los Angeles-based singer Anlil. “Meant to Be” is a groovy and dancefloor-ready house tune. Anlil’s rousing vocals inject an emotional feel it. “Meant to Be” is the third collaborative release from Pusa and Bikkja.

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Gravity Circus – “Masquerade”

Gravity Circus are a duo made up by Japanese-Brazilian singer Jimmy Nagaura Yabiko and Dutch-German drummer Ken Luske. Their melody-driven sound can be described as alt-indie-pop. “Masquerade”, which is the newest offering, is catchy and super-groovy. For new listeners, “Masquerade” is such a great introduction to the band.

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