Pop music roundup: 8 amazing tunes to add to your playlist

The latest of Aipate‘s regular pop music roundups is here: eight songs selected from a pool of brilliant new pop releases. Your playlists need constant updates with tunes and these eight tracks sure fit the bill.

Bronsen Vidas – “Outrunning It”

Instead of allowing his internal conflicts boil up into frustrations, US singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Bronsen Vidas turned them into a lighthearted song. Calling the track “Outrunning It”, it’s a fun, catchy escapist anthem. The groovy, rock-influenced pop piece invites introspection in a playful way. Bronsen explains, “‘Outrunning It’ is a portrait of my life choices and experiences. I’ve travelled all over the US looking for home, and I realized this year that I’m not chasing something, I’m running away from something. I decided to flip that on it’s head and make it a positive reflection. In essence, I’m making fun of myself while also accepting myself.

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Said The Sky x ILLENIUM x Chelsea Cutler – “Walk Me Home”

“Walk Me Home” is one of the standout songs on American songwriter and producer Said The Sky‘s new album, Sentiment. It saw the Denver artist collaborate with DJ/producer ILLENIUM and singer-songwriter Chelsea Cutler. An EDM/pop tune, “Walk Me Home” is rock-influenced and characterized by charming melodies and warm vocals. The song was accompanied by an irresistibly stunning music video directed by Lillie Wojcik.

<<Find Said The Sky, ILLENIUM and Chelsea Cutler on Instagram>>

Glassio – “Breakaway”

Irish-Iranian artist Glassio combines elements of new wave, dance-pop and electronica to create his infectious brand of indie-dance. From his debut single to his latest, every track he makes is brilliant. Glassio’s newest offering is a double-single containing the songs “Breakaway” and “Everybody I Knew Moved to LA”. The artist notes, “‘Breakaway’ is my ode to anyone feeling out of place in a community and needing to find the courage to leave that place in order to fulfill their dreams and self-actualize. It stems from the perspective of leaving a broken home and turbulent childhood behind through self-reinvention. I liked the idea of packaging these two songs as an A/B single because to me they capture opposing moods, but from different sides of the same coin.

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Matilda Cole – “Bite Down”

Brighton-based singer-songwriter Matilda Cole dropped her sophomore EP, The High Dive, a fortnight or so ago. Released independently in partnership with Human Re Sources, the project is 4 tracks long. “Bite Down”, one of the songs on it, is a brooding electro pop track that you’ll want to play on repeat. Speaking about this EP, Matilda said, “the high dive is the culmination of the things i’ve learnt in my last year of teenage hood. it’s the jumping off point for the rest of my life, and each song sort of represents a lesson i’ve learnt from, that i want to leave behind. i feel like a different person now, and this ep details that transition.”

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CasPark – “4ever”

Born and raised in Chicago, CasPark is currently based out of the city of Los Angeles. The Berklee College of Music alumnus writes, sings and produces his songs. To give you a taste of his sound, here is his latest single, “4ever”. Rich in melodies, it beautifully melds pop and hip hop elements. “4ever” has since been paired with a nice, DIY visual.

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Strabe – “Life On Pause”

Strabe are a London-based duo (Emmet and Angelica) currently based in London. With their last release coming before the pandemic, the outfit have returned with a new single called “Life On Pause”. Featuring a warm guitar melody, the song feels as blissful just as it’s melancholic. “Life On Pause” was released with a dreamy video directed by Yolanda Y. Liou.

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Haley Johnsen – “Higher”

“Higher” is the latest release from Portland, Oregon artist Haley Johnsen. Accompanied by an awesome video, it is an uplifting song about not giving up on oneself. Haley’s stirring lyrics and delivery reinforce a feeling of resilience and self-love. “Higher” underscores the songwriter’s guiding principle: “I want my music to encourage people to push through their challenges and continue to have hope and belief in themselves and their authenticity“.

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Sydney-based group Triple One have released a new project titled A Dangerous Method Vol. 1. The lead single “NEON DREAMBOAT” was released alongside a cinematic visual directed by Marty Bugatti. Produced by Styalz Fuego and 18YOMAN, “NEON DREAMBOAT is a pop tune built around a bouncy trap instrumental. Triple One are currently on their Australian tour (details on the band’s website).

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