Hear Etaoin’s new song, “Sick Of Me”

Since the release of her amazing debut single “Bedroom Walls” last year, Irish singer-songwriter Etaion has proceeded to deliver a couple of equally brilliant tracks which culminated in her debut EP.

Now, the London-based artist has her focus on the second project, which was introduced a couple of weeks ago through her latest offering, “Sick Of Me”.

“Sick Of Me” is a brooding folk-pop piece which calls our attention to her evolving sound. With honesty as a tool, Etaoin shares a heart-wrenching story of how she and her best friend drifted apart.

I felt hurt and replaced by her new life and friends,” she reveals. “I was totally heartbroken and thought about her literally every day but was far too proud to message her and tell her that. The whole situation had me feeling totally unhinged if I’m honest. I felt like I’d caused the problem and would tell myself there was no point in trying to fix it because the friendship was over and I just needed to get over it – but I would lie in bed at night and write diary entries addressed to her on my iPhone notes and then never send them.”

You can find Etaoin on Instagram.


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