Shantaia seeks to go from “Broke to Brand New” in new visual

“Broke to Brand New” is the latest offering from Nashville-based Canadian country singer artist Shantaia.

Released back in January, it came as the follow-up to “Had A Good Weekend“. Both of these songs were accompanied by stunning visuals, with the latest one arriving earlier this month.

Commenting about the process of making the “Broke to Brand New” video, Shantaia said: “All the anxiety and stress leading up to shooting this music video was left out on the floor (literally) in the making of this video. Directed by Ryan Nolan, I had the idea to set up my own smash room to physically break things and watch them become brand new again, and Ryan completely jumped on board to bring this vision to life. Funny enough, when we started shooting and came to our first ‘break’, Ryan asked if I could swing hard enough, and all those years of hitting home runs in softball seemed to really pay off, because it exploded! From there, the video was just so fun to shoot, and it’s also so much fun to watch back and see what Ryan pieced together and created!

Watch the video and then check out Shantaia’s Instagram page for interesting updates.


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