EDM music roundup: 6 new songs to add to your playlist

Our new roundup of EDM music covers a range of sub-genres, from tech house to future bass and tropical house. Each of the six songs is painstakingly selected to ensure that your playlist only has the best new tunes.

Alok – “The Club Is Jumpin'”

Brazilian dance music superstar Alok‘s newest release is a dancefloor anthem called “The Club Is Jumpin'”. The track samples Destiny’s Child’s hit song, “Jumpin’ Jumpin'”. Sonically, it exemplifies the artist’s funky new ‘future-tech‘ sound. Alok says, “Now that the pandemic seems to be easing up and clubs are re-opened, ‘The Club is Jumpin’ is my party anthem for the summer. I always was a fan of Destiny’s Child’s original when I was younger, and I wanted to take a classic like that and put a fresh electronic spin on it“.

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TWINSICK x Robbie Jay – “Lose In Love”

“Lose In Love” is a singalong EDM banger from TWINSICK (the electronic duo made up by producers Alex Ingalls and Casey Schneider). Out on KESS Records, the upbeat song is a collaboration with UK’s Robbie Jay, whose warm and heartfelt vocals keep the listener captivated. “Lose In Love” follows TWINSICK’s “Get Mine” featuring Tyler Mann. This song has infectious feel-good vibes that we all need.

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Disco Fries x HARBER x Luxtides – “Nothing”

The coming together of dance music specialists The Disco Fries, producer HARBER and singer Luxtides resulted in a new tune called “Nothing”. The tropical house anthem was released on Spinnin’ Records. It’s a catchy song carries addictive melodies and alluring vocals. “Nothing” blends elements of pop-dance and EDM in a truly refreshing way.

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Zandros – “Slowly”

Zandros is an EDM newcomer from the US city of Boston. The producer is readying a new EP titled Reminiscent. The second single, “Slowly”, arrived last Friday. It is a lyric-driven, melancholic piece written from the perspective of a man who’s struggling to cope with the end of a relationship. Zandros explains, “Nobody is perfect but unfortunately sometimes our mistakes have irreversible consequences, and can lead to us ‘falling apart so slowly’. Throughout this song, I tried to take you on a journey behind what the vocalist is feeling, an unfortunately very relatable story.

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No ExpressioN x Ylkan – “Sweetest Lies”

“Sweetest Lies” is a new single pairing producers No ExpressioN and Ylkan. The energetic house record comes filled with hard-hitting drums, hypnotic synths and silky-smooth male vocals which perfectly express the emotion in the lyrics. “Sweetest Lies” is a great song for late-night drives. It was released via Soave / Mind The Floor.

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Nicky Romero – “Hear Me Now

Nicky Romero‘s latest offering is a mini-collection of festival-ready tracks. The 4-song EP is named Perspective and arrived just in time for summer. Focus-single “Hear Me Now” is a melody-laden and blissful tune. Other tracks are “Lose My Mind”, “Pressure” and “Work My Body”. As a whole, Perspective carries influences from tech-house and garage and is an amazing project.

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