EDM/House roundup: 7 tracks to squeeze into your playlist

Here is a 7-track selection of songs that I bet will fit well into your EDM/house playlist(s).

GT_Ofice x Jantine – “Pieces”

GT_Ofice continues to dominate our stereos in 2021 with yet another amazing release. This time, the New York producer teamed up with UK singer/songwriter Jantine to craft “Pieces”. The pop-leaning EDM tune features sultry vocals and sentimental lyrics. “Pieces” is about seeking reassurances from that person who’s just made you believe in love again.

<<Find GT_Ofice and Jantine on Instagram>>

Daniel Bovie x Nelson x Mitch Crown – “Now It’s Time”

Legendary dance musician Daniel Bovie has returned with a new single out via Be Yourself Music. Christened “Now It’s Time”, the track features Nelson and Mitch Crown. It has a retro house flavour and pays homage to the 80s. Altogether, “Now It’s Time” is a club anthem with peppy vocals and an exciting groove.

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R3HAB x Gabry Ponte – “The Portrait (Ooh La La)”

“The Paortrait (Ooh La La)” is a lovely collab bringing together Dutch/Moroccan tracksmith R3HAB and Italian DJ/producer Gabry Ponte. The song lyrically describes a mysterious seductress who has everyone enchanted. “The Portrait (Ooh La La)” is unique, both in concept and execution. And, like the subject of this song, the track leaves you spellbound.

<<Find R3HAB and Gabry Ponte on Instagram>>

MŪNTII – “All We Need”

American DJ/producer MŪNTII recently made his debut with this super-polished dance tune called “All We Need”. The catchy deep house banger carries an enticing bassline and moving male vocals that deliver sweeping emotion. “All We Need” instantly sets the listener in anticipation mode for the next track. And, the artist has a bunch of them lined up!

<<Find MŪNTII on Instagram>>

Hannah Wants x Jess Bays x Jennifer Jamieson – “I Don’t Know”

It’s an all-female collaboration as producers Hannah Wants and Jess Bays join forces to release “I Don’t Know”, a track that features vocals of fellow Brit Jennifer Jamieson. The track was released via Stress Records. “I Don’t Know” has an infectious groove and seductive vocals. It’s imbued with the kind of energy that gets the party going.

<<Find Hannah Wants, Jess Bays and Jennifer Jamieson on Instagram>>

End of Code – “Natural Affair”

End of Code duo did follow up their “This Lightness” single with a beautiful song called “Natural Affair”. It’s another soulful deep house tune from the two seasoned producers, Nicolas Saad and Shawn Pereira. “Natural Affair” is about embracing the energy emanating from love. The track carries some uplifting melodies and vocals.

<<Find End of Code on Instagram>>

Nicky Romero x MARF x Wulf – “Okay”

“Okay” is an uplifting progressive house anthem by producers Nicky Romero (Netherlands) and MARF (Italy). It’s generally a soul-stirring song that features vocals by Dutch singer-songwriter Wulf. Out on Protocol Recordings, “Okay” has since been accompanied by a heartwarming music video. Anout it, MARF notes, “Lately, I feel that the people around us tell each other they are okay, while actually they’re not. We hope that they can open up a little bit more about how they really feel after listening to ‘Okay,’ because no matter how you feel, it is okay!

<<Find Nicky Romero, MARF and Wulf on Instagram>>


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