See Alessiah bask in that “Summer Feeling”

Bucharest-born Romanian singer Alessiah recently dropped a new song and video. Aptly titled “Summer Feeling”, the melody-laden track features a blissful blend of dream-pop and pop-dance.

The teenage sensation wrote it with a team of Norwegian composers: Anders Nilsen, Iselin Solheim and Andre Jensen. Anders Nilsen produced and mixed/mastered the track.

“Summer Feeling” was paired with a stunning video directed by Ionuț Trandafir.

‘Summer feeling’ is a song in which everybody can find themselves. The first time I’ve heard it I was on the beach with my best friend, it fitted perfectly and gave me that ‘Summer feeling’. It took 3 countries for it to get this good. We recorded it in Norway with Iselin Solheim, Anders Nilson and André Jensen, now the whole vibe in the studio was something else. I had the best experience EVER, I’m forever grateful for this opportunity. The weather was terrible, your nose could freeze if you stayed outside for too long, but this song got us feeling like we’re partying in Spain. And that’s how it hit me, the video fitted perfectly in such a location as ‘La Muralla Roja’. After months of planning we got the team together and flew right there. ‘Summer feeling’ is a splash of emotions, whatever summer’s here or not. We can always sit back and think of it, begging it to come back“.


Enjoy the song/visual and checkout Alessiah on Instagram.


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