The Q-Tip Bandits deliver Melancholy Flowers, their debut album

Boston band The Q-Top Bandits‘ debut album, Melancholy Flowers, is finally here. With this 11-song collection, they brought their engaging live experiences to our stereos.

Melancholy Flowers contains funk/soul music big on indie-rock/pop influences. Prior to the release of this LP, the outfit released three singles “Daisy”, “Better Place” and the euphoric “Chasing Cars”.

Speaking about “Chasing Cars”, vocalist Claire Davis said: “The seed for this song was written in the backseat of my family car while driving back from New York to Boston after my brother-in-law’s wedding. As we drove I watched the other cars zip by and thought about the leap of faith this person in my extended family had just taken and the thrill it must have been to take that chance.”

Other songs include “Wrong Address” and “Afterglow”.

Listen the whole and album and keep up with The Q-Tip Bandits on Instagram.


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