Zoë Ferguson reveals new song, “Die Alone”

Zoë Ferguson‘s Probably About You EP, which arrived last year, made her so buzzworthy. Now, with an ever-growing fan-base, the young singer-songwriter returns with a new single.

It is an exuberant pop track called “Die Alone”. With honest and personal lyrics, this is a piece that will resonate with many a listener.

Zoe explains, “I wrote ‘Die Alone’ after I had gotten out of a long relationship. I felt like I didn’t have very many people around and that I would never be in another relationship again. It was a hard time for me, but writing this song really helped me cope with the situation. I hope when people listen, they feel less alone and that they can relate. For me, ‘Die Alone’, feels authentic since it is about something I’ve been through and came from emotions I’ve felt personally. I love writing music that people can connect with and makes them think, ‘Wow, this is exactly what ’m going through at this moment’.”

Check out Zoë Ferguson on Instagram.


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