Kaleah Lee shares debut single, “Heavy Handed”

Kaleah Lee is a talented singer-songwriter whom I’d like to bring your attention to. The young Canadian artist released her debut single “Heavy Handed” on August 3.

“Heavy handed” is an indie-R&B piece written by her and produced by Gabe Goodman. It arrived accompanied by a beautiful music video.

The song is reflective and [personal. Kaleah penned it as a love letter to self-growth.

She explains, “‘Heavy Handed’ is sort of like an ode to journaling. One of the only ways I feel that I’m able to properly express any challenging emotion or thought I have is through writing, so this song is essentially multiple journal entries thrown into one place. It’s super important for me to be as honest and raw as possible because of how artists like Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Gracie Abrams have done the same and created such a safe space in their music. I hope this song, and anything else I ever make, can offer even an ounce of the comfort their music has brought me.

Fond Kaleah Lee on Instagram.


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