Cassie Marin reveals new album, Lil 5i5

Finally, the much awaited album by Miami-raised, LA-based artist and producer Cassie Marin is here. It’s titled Lil 5i5.

Focus track “Jungle Fetish” is an upbeat yet dark and honest piece. “I designed the production to carry a feeling of hope and magic but, the truth is, that the main themes required a lot of deep digging and hard work,” Cassie says about the song.

On “Jungle Fetish”, she reminds us that ‘no matter what harm may come to us, we deserve to feel dazzlingly pure and uncompromisingly brave‘.

Other songs on Lil 5i5 include “Leave Me as You Found Me”, “Tanto” and “Push Me“, which was released back in April.

Stream the album on Spotify and keep up with Cassie Marin on Instagram.


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