Issy Wood unveils new album, My Body Your Choice

My Body You Choice is an amazing new body of work from UK artist Issy Wood. Self-released, the album is twelve tracks long.

It arrived with the magnificent song, “Health”. This is a profound piece that came paired with an intriguing visual (see the video above).

Speaking about the entire project, Issy stated that “This album title came to me long long long before the ritual stripping of American women’s rights, and it does not attempt to mock that calamity. It does, however, mock the idea that I have some overarching, transcendent grip on myself. The title is about medical treatment, sexual assault, or even the shameful relief of allowing someone else to make a decision for me. The music video for ‘HEALTH’ is an unofficial formal sequel to ‘DEBT’ released in 2020. Its genesis was some of the paintings I’d been making during the pandemic of tiny women climbing all over objects, then taken to the extreme. The presentation of the objects relates indirectly to a defunct British game show called The Generation Game, wherein family members team up, are shown objects on a conveyor belt, and have to remember them after the fact.

Stream the whole album via Spotify:


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