Check out “Famous (Freestyle)” by Carla Prata

Carla Prata‘s “Famous (Freestyle)” is a bold statement of intent. Arriving on the back of her COLORS Studios performance, this track reminds why the UK R&B singer can no longer be slept on.

Sonically, ‘Famous’ sounds like something that isn’t so threatening, but the statement it puts out is that I’m exactly that. From the release of 21:42 to Time For Me and now Famous, I’m becoming something that’s hard to dismiss. I tick all the boxes. There’s a certain ease in which I created and executed and to me that’s what’s so special about it. The threat isn’t in how aggressive the beat or my flow is, it’s in how effortlessly I’m spitting.”

Carla Prata

“Famous (Freestyle)” was produced by DJ Horse. It was released in the company of a music video directed and edited by Badmilk.

Watch the clip and follow Carla Prata on Instagram.


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