Grace Gachot reveals new video “Beast & His Beauties”

Grace Gachot‘s second single saw her wittily flip the narrative behind the famous, ‘beauty and the beast’ fairytale. She called it “Beast & His Beauties”.

The song tells the twisted tale that typifies modern romance, one where lies deny a relationship of longevity. Grace accompanied this track with an elegant music video.

Written by Grace alongside Lucan Mills and Rhys Fletcher (both from London), “Beast & His Beauties” is laced with sarcasm.

I started the concept alone in my apartment one evening. I wanted to write about the idea of a sweet, well intentioned girl who longed for this fairytale love. The idea of writing from a third person perspective came naturally as I thought about so many women around me who the song could be dedicated to. It also felt like a tribute to my younger, more naive self. Someone I no longer related to which is why the third person narration felt most fitting. There’s also a strange sense of clarity that arises when you view yourself from an outside perspective which allowed me to really dive into the concept. The lyrics were purposefully written in a lot of detail because I was trying to get a point across. I wanted it to cut through. I feel that sometimes when a love deteriorates and there is betrayal involved, the pain that one can feel, can be overlooked and misunderstood. With this, I wanted to make each and every detail known so that they could really understand what they had and how they lost it. I guess I wanted to open their eyes in the most vulnerable way possible,” notes the singer, whose honeyed and graceful vocals and melodies feels totally soothing.

Connect with Grace Gachot on Instagram.


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