Watch SpaceAcre’s “Familiar” video

Phoebe Little and Jas Scott are SpaceAcre. The British duo makes evocative music that easily tugs on your heartstrings. At least that is the feeling you get while listening to their new song, “Familiar”.

“Familiar” is dark yet sublime piece of dream-pop music. Lifted from the pair’s upcoming Chemicals EP (due early next year), the track arrived with a gripping music video.

SpaceAcre said, “‘Familiar’ is a non-romantic heartbreak song. It’s about a family relationship that you’re determined to make work, though you know you’re leaving yourself open to getting hurt repeatedly. Sometimes you can be prepared for what someone says and yet it still cuts through your armour anyway, even if it’s unintentional.

They add: “We wrote this after Jas hadn’t had the best of weeks and it was quite cathartic to write. We layered up loads and loads of our vocals for the choruses, more than on any other track on the EP. We suppose the chorus is a bit of a battle cry.”

Watch “Familiar” video and SpaceAcre on Instagram.


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