Mia Delamar is back with new single & video, “Silly”

21-year-old artist Mia Delamar did share a playful new single named “Silly”.

Paired with an exuberant video, the song is reminiscent of R&B music of the 2000s. “Silly” pays tributes to that era, both musically and visually.

“I heard the beat and the melody for the hook came to me right away. All I heard in my head was ‘Silly Me, Sill-y Me’ over and over and eventually, the rest of the song flowed right out. It was really one of those divine moments, where my God-given gift was working at full capacity. I’ll never forget it,” Mia says.

For sure, the singer’s great voice is effectively showcased. Mia Delamar names Missy Elliot, Mary J. Blige, Ariana Gramde and Aaliyah as her main musical influences.

Connect with the young artist on Instagram.


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