Mia Mi’s debut single “Talk To Me” finds her offering a listening ear

“Talk To Me” arrives today as the debut single for UK artist Mia Mi. The 19-year-old, North London-based, R&B singer/songwriter creates a song that maturely and sensitively addresses mental health, by sincerely offering those undergoing such issues a listening ear. The powerful piece was co-written by a fellow Brit J Elle and produced by Drifta.

“‘Talk To Me’ stemmed from the taboo topic of talking about mental health. It’s something that I hold very close and it effects both women and men everywhere. I wanted to create a song which was truthful but also warming, something that would make people check up on their friends and loved ones to make people feel safe. Talking allows you to find answers and it opens up your mind to new possibilities.” ~ Mia Mi

The professionally-trained Mia joins the growing list of fresh, exciting British talents that are bringing their local music culture to the global pop scene.

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