“Did It Hurt?,” Ellise asks on new track

Dark pop singer-songwriter Ellise dropped a new song about a week ago. She named this one “Did it Hurt?”.

With great production and vulnerable songwriting, the song exhibits pure brilliance.

Ellise, who resides in Los Angeles, says, “‘Did It Hurt?’ is a rare type of song for me. When you have a lot to say, it simultaneously makes the writing process messy and seamless. No amount of studio time or consistency can force raw emotion because when it’s there, it’s just there. I wrote ‘Did It Hurt’ on the heels of a breakup with someone who’s been extremely hard for me to let go of. That day, the words came out of me like vomit. I’m really proud of this song. The erratic switches between acoustic guitars and drum-heavy beat drops, along with the melancholic outro, is genuinely a sonic metaphor for the full spectrum of emotions a person can go through in such a short amount of time while dealing with losing someone they love.

The song is out via Hell Bent, Heaven Sent. Check out Ellise’s Instagram page for more about her.


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