Routine Finds: a roundup of songs to listen to

Routine Finds is a new compilation series where we share some of the music submitted to us. Here, we skip the review bit and just head straight into serving up the tunes.

1. Mr Macee // “Make A Mill”

Artist’s IG: @mrmacee

Genres: rap

2. JKLN // “Never Alone”

Artist’s IG: @jklnofficial

Genres: EDM, electro pop

3. Ari Grey // “Nobody’s Perfect”

Artist’s IG: @arigreymusic

Genres: progressive house

4. SHIR // “Conversations With Myself”

Artist’s IG: @imshirmusic

Genres: indie

5. Hammock // “Release”

Artist’s IG: @hammockband

Genres: rock

6. The Jabalis // “November”

Artist’s FB: link

Genres: jazz

7. Trisha J // “Killer Times”

Artist’s IG: @trishajmusic

Genres: alt-pop

8. Braveboy // “Big Man Don’t Cry”

Artist’s IG: @braveboy

Genres: alternative

9. Corpulent Provocateur // “Bye”

Artist’s IG: @corpulent_provocateur

Genres: alt-rock

10. Muthaka ft. Chemutai Sage // “Go”

Artist’s IG: @_muthaka

Genres: R&B, alt-R&B, neo-soul

11. RØST // “In The Darkness”

Artist’s IG: @rustyrosty

Genres: alt-rock

12. EVNTYD // “Quotidian”

Artists’s IG: @evntyd

Genres: alt-rock


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