Stream Isabel LaRosa’s new EP, YOU FEAR THE GOD THAT LOVES YOU

Dark-pop artist Isabel LaRosa presented her latest EP, YOU FEAR THE GOD THAT LOVES YOU, on March 24. Arriving alongside the 5-track project is the music video for “more than friends”.

The EP is out via Slumbo Labs / RCA Records. Its moody electro pop production suits the themes explored.

This EP follows the story of a girl growing up in a religious household,” LaRosa explains. “She goes through the motions of new love and heartbreak, intertwined with grief and guilt. It’s structured so that the beginning of the EP is the most innocent and lighthearted part, and by the end, it reaches the darkest part in her story.

Isabel is an enormously talented artist and this is reflected in the reception that each of her releases gets.

Stream the whole EP and connect with Isabel LaRosa on Instagram.

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