Connect to Liv East’s “Love Frequency”

Out now, “Love Frequency” by London-based singer Liv East is an immensely groovy tune.

The exuberant disco/soul track carries pop and house influences and is quite dance-inducing. Liv’s sultry vocals make it even more irresistible.

I wrote the lyrics to ‘Love Frequency’ at the end of 2020, after the whole world went through a monumental shift“, the singer explains. “I felt such a dark cloud hanging over me and knew I had to write something to shift myself out of that place and mentality. ‘Love Frequency’ is a call to becoming aware of the power of your thoughts, and that so much lies in how we choose to think. It’s a warm soulful house track, invoking good vibrations. It feels like an important moment to showcase to my listeners how my personal philosophy impacts the music I make”.

The song is Liv East’s second instalment in a series of songs created in collaboration with South London producer Lokes LDN.

Jazz musicians (Luke Glazher on guitar, Ally McMahon on bass and Callum Connell on Saxophone) also sprinkled their magic on this track.

I can’t help playing this song on repeat.

Remember, you can find Liv East on Instagram.


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