Elyse Aeryn releases debut album, Joy State of Mind

Canadian alt-rock artist Elyse Aeryn got to unveil her long awaited debut album, Joy State of Mind. It was co-produced by Aeryn and engineer Jamie Foulds.

I’m about to realize a dream that became clear when I could get quiet enough to hear my own voice, and confident enough to listen,” Elyse Aeryn says about the album. “That is what Joy State of Mind is all about – the unlocking of your personal power through deconditioning to change how you give and receive energy.

The arrival of the LP was preceded by the release of the single “Criminal”. It is a catchy pop/rock song (listen above).

‘Criminal’ is the ultimate ‘I’m done’ song, for anyone who has ever felt like it was easier to take the blame than explain yourself, knowing your words are falling on deaf ears,” the singer shared.

Listen to the whole album on Spotify and follow Elyse Aeryn on Instagram.


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