Jetlag remixes Mari Barbieri’s “Idea of You”

Released about a year ago, “Idea of You” is the debut single from Mari Barbieri who’s a French-Italian newcomer based out of New York. The track has now received a new remix, courtesy of EDM producer Jetlag.

‘Idea Of You” is about the realization that you’re no longer in love with the person themselves, but rather with the idea you have built of them. The idea of what they could be, of what you could potentially be together,” Mari states.

She emphasizes, “It’s about being blinded by the potential that you see in them, and coming to terms with the fact that the reality is very different. It’s about heartbreak. Betrayal. Loss. But ultimately, also finding peace, growth, and closure in letting go of someone who brought you more pain than serenity.

While the remix version flips the emotional song into a dance-pop banger, it retains the moody feel of the original.

Altogether, “Idea of You (Jetlag Remix)” feels positive. It encourages the need to find closure and happiness post-breakup.

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