Listen to “Heaven and Home” by Jamaican newcomer J-Summa

With his first song “Heaven and Home” which dropped back in February, J-Summa got to introduce himself to the world. J-Summa is a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist from Jamaica who discovered his vocal talent at the age of 7.

“Heaven and Home” is a beautiful piece of R&B/soul music.

‘Heaven and Home’ is the unique, delicate yet beautiful balance between yourself and your loved one. It’s easy to have a house but not a home. It’s easy to be with someone but not have peace of mind. This song represents true love and companionship – this person is your heaven and your home. I hope this song can connect with the hearts and souls of listeners worldwide,” J-Summa said about this song.

The artist’s wonderful voice shine throughout the uplifting track. You surely need to listen to “Heaven and Home”. Remember you can connect with J-Summa on Instagram.

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