Soul music roundup: 6 songs to add to your playlist

For our latest music roundup, we unearth some soul tunes that are worth adding to your playlist. Grab your favourite drink, sit up, relax and enjoy these amazing songs from Hugh Klein, Will Evans, Raelle, Freedust, Claire Davis and IKeN.

Will Evans x Chali 2na – “Old Soul”

As part of his After the Burnt Out album, singer and musician Will Evans collaborated with legendary hip hop artist Chali 2na on the single “Old Soul”. Now, he’s shared the music video for that song. The groovy track is vibrant and truly engaging. “Old Soul” celebrates life, wisdom and community. It calls on us to come together to make life better. The video accompanying “Old Soul” which was filmed by Kyle Morgan is just as gratifying.

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Raelle – “Falling”

South London soul singer Raelle released a new single called “Falling” on April 21. With her next EP scheduled to drop later this month (May), this song sets the mood for the upcoming project. “Falling” and its visualizer are impressive. The song is covered in a lush soundscape. Producer Dan Berry did a marvelous job on it. The sax melodies complement Raelle’s vocals beautifully. “Falling” is so good.

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Freedust – “Worth Your While”

UK funk-soul band Freedust are back with “Worth Your While”. The new track features some delicately sultry vocals which are complemented by the sexy groove. With its catchy hook, the song will have you singing along for sure. Production-wise, “Worth Your While” saw Freedust infuse more electronic elements. “Worth Your While” is out via DanCa.

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Hugh Klein – “Lead The Way”

“Lead The Way” is the latest offering from Australian newcomer Hugh Klein. Only his third single, the song reminds us of his vocal prowess. “Lead The Way” marks the return for Hugh whose last release was back in 2020. This song is about a yearning for intimacy. Hugh’s lyrics are so affectionate. The track is full of luscious melodies and a mildly swaying groove. It’s out on Lekker Collective.

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Claire Davis – “Get It Right”

Toronto-based artist Claire Davis released her debut album titled Get It Right some days ago via LRK Records. Ten tracks long, the album is led by the title-track “Get It Right”. This is a delicious slice of retro soul. Claire says it’s the first song she wrote (alongside producer Scott McCannell and drummer Chino deVilla) for the album. “The lyrics were inspired by my relationship with my partner and the intention that we both have to work on healing ourselves in order to make our partnership work. I’d like to think that it’s a love song with a strong sense of maturity and understanding to it. And the whole record was really shaped around that idea of my relationships and experiences stemming from my own sense of self-love and my desire to live and create from an authentic place,” Claire expounds. Get It Right (the album) is available both on streaming services and on vinyl.

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IKeN – “Galatea”

“Galatea” is an alt-R&B track from Kenyan-born South Africa-based artist IKeN (birth-name Ike Ngala). The track was released in February. IKeN produced it himself, taking inspiration from various artists. He says, “‘Galatea’ is probably one of the first songs I made when I started on my ‘Galatea’ album idea. It is basically a song about falling in love with the perfect girl, or Galatea (the Greek statue that came to life). I wanted to make a really wholesome ballad for Valentine’s season, and this song feels like exactly that – a slow, wholesome waltz for hopeless romantics to listen to.”

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