Hear “Falling Again” by Emmrose

The newest offering from burgeoning singer-songwriter Emmrose is an indie-pop song named “Falling Again”. It is a deeply vulnerable piece about being weighed down by mental health.

I wrote ‘Falling Again’ in the middle of a panic attack, which looking back, probably wasn’t a good idea,” Emmrose reveals. “The lyrics were my literal symptoms, I just remember sitting down at the piano, playing a few random chords, and a melody popped into my head. This is really so dark to talk about, but I remember only managing to hum the melody, I had such a hard time breathing. The crazy thing I talk about is that the panic attack really came out of nowhere, I can’t even remember what started it. Thankfully, I haven’t had one of these random panics since, and honestly, I think this song really helped.

For this track, the 19-year-old artist worked with producer Mike Biuso. The production complements her lyrics so well.

Given the subject, “Falling Again” may resonate with a number of people. But it’s not just that, the talent behind the track is enough to endear Emmrose with each listener.

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