PLS&TY reveals “New Color” as his newest single

Following “Party in My Head”, American EDM producer PLS&TY (name pronounced as ‘please and thank you’) releases another feel-good song, “New Color”.

The emotive progressive house track serves as the second single being lifted from an upcoming EP that the Florida musician is readying.

With its piano-driven instrumentation and organic melodies, “New Color” has the ability to brighten one’s mood.

PLS&TY notes, “‘New Color’ is the latest single from my upcoming 3 Days, 2 Nights EP, and the second track that highlights a daytime theme/motif. Bringing a modified PLS&TY sound and lighthearted piano-house production, I hope you enjoy this song full of the emotions of love. It’s about feeling vulnerable and alone, like everything exists bleakly in black-and-white, until someone or something special fills everything up with new color & life.

Whatever your state of mind, put this track on and get uplifted.

You can follow PLS&TY on Instagram.


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