Listen to Tina Moon’s MY ARMS. album and watch “Choose for yourself” video

Japanese artist/producer Tina Moon unveiled her debut album MY ARMS. on 26th April via FUKINOTO Records.

The alt-pop/rock album and its ten songs showcase Tina’s diverse musical influences ranging from pop and rock to punk and electronica. Also infused into her style is her love for anime culture and fashion. This is particularly embodied in her music video for the song “Choose for yourself” which arrived with the album. Tomokazu Sasaki directed that visual.

Speaking about the album, the singer-songwriter said, “The title ‘MY ARMS.’ is a reference to the fact that I am an extension and these arms are tools and appendages I use to connect my feelings. I didn’t know how to love others or how to love myself. When I thought about love, I felt joy, sadness, and anger. The only way I know how is to express each emotion though music and it’s an intense feeling that overflows. It’s a cathartic experience, even though these songs reflect hurt, they too convey a sense of hope.

Stream the whole LP and follow Tina Moon on Instagram.


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