Hear the song “Leave Me Behind” by soul singer Kianja

East London singer Kianja has a truly breathtaking voice. Hearing her new song “Leave Me Behind” feels so refreshing. The neo-soul ballad explores challenge of age gap in a relationship.

Age difference can sometimes be a challenge. I’ve always dated guys who are a fair bit older than me, for the most part. It’s never intentional and it’s not necessarily what I want-but I can’t help who I’m drawn to. Sometimes it felt like I was playing catch up though, I couldn’t make up for the years of experience he had. I knew I needed to do a lot more work on myself and heal from past traumas. Next time round – I want to bring the best version of myself to a relationship and feel more prepared to contribute to a long lasting partnership,” Kianja says.

This is a topic you seldom hear in songs and Kianja wades through it with both tact and vulnerability.

I hope “Leave Me Behind” makes you consider keeping tabs on Kianja. You can start by following her on Instagram.


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