Have you heard Sam Casey’s “7 Second Superstar”?

Infectious! That would be a pretty befitting adjective to describe the newest song by Toronto–based artist Sam Casey.

The single was named “7 Second Superstar”. It’s a sarcastic take on social media fame; Sam wrote it together with Julianna Eye and Chloe Kay.

Julianna, Chloe, and I wrote this song over Zoom in 2021 with TikTok reaching its height of popularity and all of us being quite literally forced to participate on the app,” she explains. “After a conversation regarding our experiences in the early-2000’s and late 90’s (before social media existed), we decided to try a blink-182 vibe and about 2 hours later we had a song.”

A fun and playful video was created to accompany this catchy song and the visual complements “7 Second Superstar” perfectly.

Do follow Sam Casey on Instagram so as to receive future updates ahead of the rest. Sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn’t it?


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