Neptune Teezeh Talks his music,coming album, Noti Flow and the Industry in exclusive interview

Arguably a household name in the making, Neptune “Teezeh” has already created some buzz in Nairobi after releasing “Nikiwa Nawe” hit, which is a serenade to some girl. Our reporter, Arthur got some time with him, and in this exclusive transcription of the interview, you will get to know more about this musician and his perspective to the industry.

Arthur:  Who is Neptune Teezeh?
Neptune: Neptune Teezeh is a 20 year old, God-fearing, afro-centric artist, whose goal is to leave a foot-print in this music scene. How? By singing about issues that affects the society. That’s why I did mayatima to talk about the plight of orphans. That’s what I stand for, and that’s what Grosspool stands for. Also, Neptune is a game changer, from an industry perspective.

Arthur: Talking of Grosspool, tell me more about it.

Neptune: Grosspool Music is a music label that identifies talent, develops, manages and distribute music by such a talent and I am proud to be a part of it.

Arthur: Some rumors doing around..about you being seen with G-Kon. Working on some joint project?

Neptune: Sure! Am working on an album and as you know… I got to spice it up. I can’t talk much about it but, to answer your question, there’s definitely something cooking.

Arthur: Album? That is interesting but I will come back to that. Tell me, is there anyone in your family with music history? Tell us about your creative background.

Neptune: Coming from a Christian family, a number of my family members sing in the Church choir. Although its already a cliche’, I started there and got the foundation. However, in High school I got involved in Music and Drama festivals that’s when  slowly gravitated towards African music. In 2009, as a member of our school music club, we went for several music competitions. Our school repeatedly got to the National level during my time and that meant much exposure to music this genre of African music. I can as well write gospel music, and at times, I do write and sell to my friends who are gospel musicians. Song writing goes beyond such boundaries, you know!

Arthur:  I am aware that you are currently studying in Kenyatta University? Whats music like there?

Neptune: KU promotes talent and a good number have benefited but I know some artists who are taking this for granted. Take this, one makes a song and performs that same single song for the whole duration as a student, seriously? And yet they use their networks to deny other talented artists the opportunity to showcase what they have got. In fact, I attribute my success thus far to not using theirs as a benchmark. Shout out to Kasisi, though! I respect him, he gave me my first show.

teezeh octo

Arthur: Which producer are you working with currently?

Neptune: RICHIE-G of ATL ENT. The most social producer I`ve ever met. He is just good in what he does and I ask God’s blessings for him. Also worked with Aluda of Brylat Records, quite a God-fearing and understanding producer.

Arthur: In that case, being in the same ATL studio with the likes of Noti Flow, Baby T, should we expect a collabo with either of the two?

Neptune: Maybe later in time. But then again, for the music I do, it will be hard to work with Noti Flow for example. She still has that ‘socialite’ impression on people. Baby T, she’s quite a good rapper and singer, and big shout out to her, though a collabo for now is tricky due to a lot of other reasons…

Arthur: You raised some issue with this trend of gospel musicians launching their songs in night clubs, right?

Neptune: I totally disagree and condemn that, worse still, is their pathetic excuse. That the word of God is meant for everyone, wherever you are. That’s quite laughable! Anyway, such gospel artists are taking the gospel for a joke and are much confirming the fears that most of their fans have. Whether they are doing it for the money and fame or for the Ministry….

Arthur: Back to the album issue, what do we expect, considering that the likes of Octopizzo  have given us something good project to talk about.

Neptune: Its’ recording is underway. For now, I wouldn’t disclose the details but you can watch out for the name much soon.

Arthur: Apart from writing and recording music, what would you be doing, at any given time?

Neptune: Playing football, am a talented footballer too. In fact, way back, I got an opportunity to go for trials in some club abroad, but due to certain issues, I never did.
Am also a Commerce student at K.U, and so to some extent, am a businessman as well.

Arthur: Lastly, many artists tend to keep their lives private, is that the same case with you too?

Neptune: Yes.

Arthur: And as always, I do insist. Its public interest, considering that in your new hit ,”Nikiwa Nawe”, you make reference to a “Teezehler”. Is there some Teezehler out there that your are dating or something?

Neptune: The song Nikiwa Nawe was written based on my personal experience. Neptune Teezeh is not dating, am single. Nikiwa Nawe means, when am with you, meaning I don’t have one yet. But you can consider my case in your prayers, I might just get lucky.

Arthur: I surely will! What can your fans expect from you, as we conclude?

Neptune: Even more and more good music, and to the music industry, just like I said in the beginning of the interview, Teezeh is here to change the game.

Arthur: Well said and thank you for honoring my invitation.

Get the Nikiwa Nawe song on Mdundo here.



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