Anyango signs deal with Ketebul Music to release and distribute her songs in the region

Recently, Japanese musician, Anyango, visited Ketebul Music studios. During her visit, Anyango signed a deal with Ketebul Music that will see the label release and distribute her music in the region. She also recorded a number of songs with Kenge Kenge and Makadem, which will be featured in a compilation album to be released by Ketebul Music.

For those of you who do not know about this extraordinary artiste, she was born in Tokyo in 1981. While in her third year at the university of Tokyo, she decided to go to New York to study music. The day was September 11th, 2001. It was the day terrorists struck in New York and Washington. Her flight was cancelled and she had to return to Japan. While in Japan, Anyango attended the Kenyan traditional concert in Tokyo and the music at the concert changed her life. She later joined an African band called Burukenge and spent a year touring around Japan.

Her interest in African music led her to Kenya where she learned how to play the nyatiti under the instruction of the late nyatiti maestro, Okumu K’Orengo, from the village of Karapul near Lake Victoria.


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