Top 10 things we learnt from #KenyaPaysTalent Twitter Chat with Raj

#KenyaPaysTalent is a weekly Twitter chat that looks into the Kenyan music industry and the chat involves bringing in an artist and other professional for open discussions. Today, 10th November, Hip Hop artist Raj (@rajville7) was part of the chat. We got  into his opinion about Kenyan music industry while also learnt of his personal projects.

These are the top 10 things we learnt from chat with Raj:

  1. Raj is also a producer at his Independent record label, Music Bank, where he is also the CEO.
  2. He has recorded over 20 songs (most of us only know of the hits).
  3. Raj will be dropping a new video later this month.
  4. Tore Bobe will drop before the end of the year with a suprise new verse(s) from one or two known Kenyan artists
  5. He is no longer a part of Kaka Empire family, however he does not publicly share the reason behind his exit.
  6. Raj is no longer runs an active Mdundo account, because of the low returns.
  7. He thinks that musicians need to sit down and discuss with dj’s on the issues that creates some rift.
  8. He admits that he has plans of releasing an album but says he will only do it when the content is “proper”.
  9. His Music Bank has artists who record with them but they are independent. They include Prince Aluvee and Dom
  10. Last but not least…he admits that plans for a collabo with South African Rapper AKA is in the offing.

You can visit Twitter to read the #KenyaPaysTalent chat


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