Why Rap Females May Not Be As Celebrated As The Males.


This idea of this post came up from an innocent tweet that I posted on my account. “Who are your top 5 AFRICAN rappers based on LYRICISM and FLOW alone?”
Bunch of names were floated. Most actually fit the description. Some? Not so much. But out of the many answers I got, not a single female was mentioned as part of the list. Not even one. “Why?” I asked. “Are there no lady rappers or is the industry so male dominated? Or are lady rappers just lazy?”

Someone said that the females are lazy. One other person said that females are afraid of the game so they don’t put themselves out there as compared to the guys. Another said that female rappers are not as controversial as the guys. They never call each other out or start “beef” with each other. I also saw someone say that females use their…

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