Top Music Blogs in Kenya

We considered those Kenyan blogs that focus solely on music. Here is the (updated) list:

  1. Aipate – the site provides music features, interviews and industry insights.
  2. Tangaza Magazine – both a music blog and (print/online) magazine, they write great editorials and curate awesome playlists.
  3. Biggest Kaka – doubling up as an entertainment news portal, this is a site where you can discover the latest releases.
  4. GetMziki – shares music from Kenya and East Africa.
  5. Mzuka Kibao – they post music and update news about Kenyan musicians.
  6. Sound Safari – a spin-off from (which is no-longer updated), this site dives into Kenya’s alternative music, with more focus in the electronic scene.
  7. Kenyan Musik – they review and provide news about Kenyan music industry, and more.
  8. LaMusicJunkie – a blog by Joy Ruguru, it’s a place where she chronicles the events she attends while also sharing new music.
  9. Tunes All Day – This is a new entrant into the scene.

For African music blogs, visit here.

**You can share with us you favorite music blogs, so we include them here**



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