Introducing the Kenya Hip Hop duo known as “BBRT”

This article anout the Hip Hop duo BBRT is awesome, especially it’s introduction which is a critique of Kenyan artist lack of appreciation for blog features. #Aipate, as always, will dig the web and share content worth your time.

All Around Africa!

b5It’s been a minute since we last did an article about Kenyan music. For no apparent reason, we find ourselves highlighting more acts around Africa to the expense of Kenyans. My bad. But we can’t really shoulder all that blame, you see, as much as we we would like (and we have continuously done in the past) to support Kenyan artists, it gets a bit tedious at times. I’ll tell you why: Most Kenyan artists take a feature article for granted, not even caring for a simple repost, reshare or commenting with an acknowledgement. You write a beautiful piece about a Kenyan artist, post and even go to the extent of tagging them on Social Medias but what do you get in return? Nothing. At most, a retweet on Twitter. Come on man, you can do better than that. Do you know how much other artists around Africa are yearning…

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