Voice Of Justice: A Hip hop documentary by HustlaJay Featuring Willy Mutunga

Hustlajay, a Hip Hop musician based at the Coast, made this documentary and featured the immediate former Chef Justice Willy Mutunga. He said this about the project:
So on the need to educate the masses on their rights, i try to connect the populace with the judiciary. The latter has for long been rightfully perceived as an arm of the government meant to benefit a few. But with the passage of the current constitution, reforms started taking place and this included the judiciary. The current CJ Willy Mutunga has been an instrumental figure in helping shape face of judiciary. Either directly or by reaching out to groups especially the civil society. But the icing on the cake has been how he recognized the role music can help the Judiciary reach the mwananchi. Africa Is Now foundation is a beneficiary of such a gesture.
In African context and indeed the whole world, music has been used as an instrument of carrying messages. I use the same and try to address the issues facing society and this includes justice. But as a indegenious hiphop practitioner and a back-to-source hiphop artiste, under mentorship of babaluku hiphop scholar from uganda I must be part of the solution and that comes through engaging the public and the judiciary in finding possible solutions to this vice

HustlaJay is one of the very few rap musicians, and including Kaa La Moto, who keep their music to the roots and address society’s important issues in the process. Watch the documentary and comment below.



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