Video: Kenyan Message- Muthoni Drummer Queen

Muthoni Drummer Queen teams up with Swiss producers Greg “GR!” Escoffey and Jean “HOOK” Geissbuhler to create a banging, socio-politically charged hip-hop anthem for Kenya titled “Kenyan Message ”

Kenyan Message pays tribute to the classic “The Message” by DJ Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five; arguably hip-hop’s greatest innovators.

Kenyan Message is the 1st single from MDQ’s upcoming album out in April 2017.

Ps: Turn on subtitles/closed captions for translation in English.

Song Credits:
Written and performed by Muthoni Ndonga.
Produced and recorded by Jean “Hook” Geissbuhler and Greg “GR!” Escoffey

Video Credits:
DOP: David Baumann/Artaban TV
Edit by Baptiste Jehan
MUA: Noelia De Jesus
Dancers: Tali Cabral & Daniela Dias.
Drummer: Felix Fivaz


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