Riky Rick says he’s no longer part of Mabala Noise

South African rapper Riky Rick has today tweeted that he has left Mabala Noise, his record label.

The label, through their Head Of Communications, Mhlo Gumede, has however said that there has been no official termination of contract with Ricky Rick.

“I don’t know what Riky Rick is saying on social media, that’s his own thing.  We have a long standing contract with Riky Rick still in place. He is still very much part of Mabala Noise,” Gumede told Sowetan LIVE

“Remember we have a contract in place? If you are asking me if the contract has been terminated or there is an amicable split between Riky Rick and the company where we sat down and discussed him leaving, the answer is no there has not been those sort of talks. We have a contract with Riky Rick that is still very much in place.”

This will definitely get interesting considering the growth in number of artist-label disputes across Africa.
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema also added his pinion on it asserting that he advised Rick not to sign with the “corrupt” label Mabala Noise.


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