Video: Hamster- City Limits feat. Lee (with Lyrics)

I am am glad I bumped into this music video, well, maybe I was bound to, considering it was featured on Spotify’s United States Viral 50 and Global Viral 50. Los Angeles Trap and EDM producer, Hamster features Lee in “City Limits”, a song that brilliantly fuses Hip Hop and Electronic tunes while also maintaining the genres’ strengths; the characteristic lyrical power in Hip Hop and the feeling that good a EDM music does comes with.


City lights, city hum, city traffic
Running ’round, trying not to get catfished
Living life in the fast lane
Different world, different scene, different people
Getting dizzy from spinning in circles
Every day feels like a movie

You said goodbye to fireflies,
Starry nights and open skies
You left it all to catch your dreams
And now you think it’s time to leave

Don’t give up, don’t give in
You’ve come too far to quit
This city – this city will push you to your limits

Every fall is a stepping stone
Every broken heart finds a way to grow
So please don’t let go now
There’s nothing anyone else can do
If you won’t stand up and fight for you
When the world tries to take you down


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