Drew Moyo -“Abambo”

Drew Moyo is a Malawian musician currently based in Norway. His is a fusion of traditional African sounds with modern elements, coming up with melodies packed with surreal energy. His new record “Abambo” borrows his signature creativity, something that his fans are now accustomed to.

Speaking about the archival field recordings he sampled for the EP, Drew explains “Chingoma is a drum played specifically ​by the Tonga tribe in Malawi when they gather ​for the​ spiritual ritual of ​the ​Vimbuza dance. ​A​s soon as I heard the sample I was immediately connected to sounds from home. This particular drum of Vimbuza is believed to be a special calling from the ancestors and in those days the one to play the drum was believed to be in contact with the spirits.”


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