Lighthouse Shore -“Long Way To Go” [Video]

Beginning with a long instrumental build-up before the commence of singing, “Long Way To Go” by Lighthouse Shore is a quite a magnificent piece. The Thomas Spiral-directed visuals itself carries in it the atmosphere anticipated in the song.

The song is lifted off an upcoming self-titled album Lighthouse Shore. This LP is scheduled to drop in January.

Lighthouse Shore is a Paris Suburb-based, French, Folk/Indie band. The 5-piece outfit is composed of  lead guitarist and vocalist Johann Bouffandeu, Adrien Arnaud on the the accordion, Alexandre Chevallier on the bass and keyboard , violinist Claire Wils and Pierre Samolany on the drums.

Watch the captivating video for “Long Way To Go”

A good friend of us (Louve Dubuc Babinet) is playing the part of the sleeping girl. Long Way To Go is a first song extracted from the album LIGHTHOUSE SHORE. It’s an Album composed of 11 songs, coming in january 2018. But you will have the opportunity to Pre-Order It in about 2 weeks from now. The song is about new starts, about giving yourself the opportunity to go further and to become better as a human being, far from this world based on Ego and on the masks that people wear everyday. We’ve been eager for a long time to shoot a music video in a Huge industrial warehouse or an abandoned industrial complex . We’ve then decided to contact the Ecausseville Airship Hangar, in Normandy in North West of France. This place is an amazing piece of architecture, recognized as a french historical legacy in 2003. When we first met the excellent association keeping this place Alive, our decision was obvious. They are a collective of passionate people trying to keep this huge hangar built in 1919 from falling apart.


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