Shyste & Abs01ute’s Lord Of The Flys LP due on Dec 1st: Hear “Anthrax” and “The Truth”

syste abd abs01ute.jpg
Shyste and Abs01ute

New York emcee Shyste and producer Abs01ute have partnered up and are working on their debut joint album Lord of the Flys. The album, inspired by the Classic 1954 Novel “Lord of the Flies,” is a 17-Track LP that also features J57, DJ White Lotus, Rah Jones, Sween and Xkwisit .With the album scheduled to drop on December 1, we share with you three of the albums released singles. “The Truth” features J57 and Dj White Lotus.

“Anthrax” and “Nobody’s Home” which features Xkwisit both have videos to them and are two of the leading singles before the album release.

Watch “Nobody’s Home” featuring Xkwisit

“Four years in the making, Lord of the Flys reflects the desire to create timeless music with both integrity and quality held in high regard, resulting in a product that enchantingly stands out in today’s current music climate, bringing listeners back to the nostalgic, glory days of 90’s hip-hop without losing the ability to transport listeners to the likes of a deserted island far, far away where adventure, hardship and conquest of the unknown is as inevitable as it is intriguing”Shyste & Abso1ute


With Abs01ute taking the wheel regarding the overall sound and vision of the project, his chemistry with Shyste in the booth is undeniable, with both finding a common creative ground to help shape the narrative, one that is as dynamic as it is straightforward and as complex as it is striking. The album, which tactfully plays with themes of conflict, emotion and deeper philosophical questioning, was built on top of obscure sampling of Japanese records from the 1950s and 1960s, with the decision to intentionally be sample-heavy clear to both creators.

Here is the album track list:
1. Intro
2. Anthrax
3. The Truth (feat. J57 & DJ White Lotus)
4. Studio Rapper
5. Nothing Here (skit)
6. Stranded (feat. Rah Jones)
7. You Right
8. Nobody’s Home (feat. Xkwisit)
9. Saviors (feat. Sween)
10. Move Back
11.The Conclusion
12. OK & Goodnight
13. Born On The 4th Of July
14. Fly Away (skit)
15. City By The Sea
16. You Right (Remix)
17. When The Well Runs Dry (Bonus)


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