Kyle Lionheart serenades his “Sweet Girl” in new video

Out now is a new song by Kyle Lionheart titled “Sweet Girl”. The neo-folk/soul musician hails from Australian town of Byron Bay. He has garnered traction with his string of releases and quickly become a darling of live music fans. His performances are usually quite engaging.

“Sweet Girl”, as probably suggested by the title, is a serenade to a woman. It is structurally smooth and musically melodious. With lyrics that easily endears to the listener, the song is quite a piece.

We share the video to”Sweet Girl”.



  1. I first came across Kyle earlier this year (2018) at a gig at my old local pub, the Hotel Brunswick in Brunswick Heads. The historic two-storey brick venue itself has long been known for it’s live music scene in the poinciana-filled beer garden. It’s an outdoor venue with an intimate vibe.
    Kyle really moved us and the crowd. There is nothing quite like the patrons gathering from Brisbane, the Gold Coast and further afield to sing along to one of several songs in Kyle’s repertoire.
    With great acoustic guitar and mellow accompaniament of bass guitar and drums, my late 40’s partner and I as well as my 15 year old daughter found ourselves hooked. So much so that when I saw a sign at the pub saying he was back on 22 June we gladly drove 150km and brought my 21 year old son along for the experience.
    From Kyle’s own Instagram account here’s a link to a snippet of the night –
    (We’re up the front somewhere!)
    Sweet Girl is currently one of my daughter’s favourite tracks – so we now know the lyrics.
    As Kyle explained – it is actually about his little sister growing up and him missing it while he was away living his own life. If you check out the lyrics it all makes sense.
    Kyle has a new album coming out this year and is looking to do more touring in Australia. We’re looking forward to it.


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