Introducing 2LFTSHUUS, Ghana’s new experimental band

From the hilarious email intro that says “When God created Donald Trump to piss off the world, he sent 2LFTSHUUS to create the theme music” to the curious title to their forthcoming debut album (We Don’t Hate Women), we felt somehow compelled to check out 2LFTSHUUS, who we later found out to be an experimental hip hop band from Ghana. We then inferred that the outfit’s name is pronounced as ‘two left shoes’ and their logo further illustrates this. Diving into their music, we encountered a rebellious attitude that creatively manifests itself as chaotic brilliance. Their music is highly inclined towards relationships and sex (misogyny?), something that the album title and artwork subtly clarifies. Interesting still, is their sound, which is an instrument-focused fusion of different elements.

2LFTSHUUS have today released a new track titled “Rama Brew”. Actually, they are just dropping songs and they say they’ll only pick the best — considering fan reception — for the final release’s track-list and distribution. I recommend you check out their songs, which also include: “UFO”, “DSRSPCT” and “Minkys”.


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