Hear Scott Kirby’s engaging song,”Something To Move”

Something fresh is here for the lover’s of exciting and authentic guitar riffs as alt. blues/rock singer/songwriter, Scott Kirby has released a new song, “Something To Move”. The Wisconsin-based musician has, from the age of 12, been writing songs and playing the guitar. With influences from Bob Dylan, Neil Young, REM, Johnny Cash and more, Scott has been able to craft his unique style that blends with his engaging compositions.

“Something To Move”, a lovely singalong, was written and produced by Kirby himself. Recorded at Alchematic and Winterland Studios, the vocalist was supported by Charlie Strong on the bass, Dan Cable on the drums and Bernard Allison on the lead guitar. Listen below via Soundcloud.


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  1. […] Listening to the track, you will be grabbed by the musician’s clean vocals which powerfully pierces through the instrumental tune. The composition and lyrics is also quite engaging. Listen above via Spotify, where you can sample his other songs. I recommend that you check out one of his previous record, “Something To Move“. […]


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