Tim Schou has to “Run Run Run Run Run” in new video

Danish singer Tim Schou releases an exciting video for “Run Run Run Run Run”, his late summer release. The melodic, electro-backed tune re-tells the classic story of the clash between a girl’s lover and her overprotective father. The record was released on Iceberg Records/BMG and about it, the artist explains:

I have always imagined the armed dad as a metaphor for the who-do-you-think-you-are attitude in the music industry. After I participated in Eurovision with A Friend In London, I’ve been working on lifting off my solo career. But it’s a tricky business, and sometimes it feels like you’re trying to sleep with the forbidden daughter, while her dad is standing there with a shotgun, saying “run kiddo – run for your life”. But as time goes by you harden and now I can look at these things with an ironic distance, which is also the case with Run Run Run Run Run”   

Tim co-wrote “Run Run Run Run Run” with Canadian songwriter Martin Gallop. The track was then recorded by Danish producer Hydrate and mixed/mastered by Lex Barkey, a German engineer.


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